Medical Investigation Group – Fighting Fraud Since 1994

Medical Investigation Group, Inc. is dedicated to uncovering medical and insurance fraud at its source. We report our findings report to insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and regulatory boards.

When you retain Medical Investigation Group, you lower loss costs/loss ratio, increase your underwriting profit and finally stop paying claims to dishonest providers who are treating dishonest patients. Medical Investigation Group works with you to review your cases and identify significant savings hidden in your claim files due to fraud.

Start with an initial review to confirm whether providers that you suspect are committing fraud. If so, a thorough investigation assures that adequate proof will be found in order to FULLY CEASE PAYMENTS. This would apply to any claim files for the same provider. When Medical Investigation Group proves that the medical provider submitted bills fraudulently, you are on your way to recovering claims funds already paid plus (in many jurisdictions) treble damages.

Medical Investigation Group, Inc. has conducted thousands of investigations, uncovering hard evidence of fraud and/or illegal activities in 90% of cases against suspected medical providers. This evidence has served as grounds for suspension and/or termination of treatment. In many cases, the carriers successfully litigated recovery actions. A recent Medical Investigation Group investigation enabled a carrier to obtain a $1.6 Million verdict against a chiropractor for a nationally promoted fraudulent operating scheme.

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