Professional Services

  • Medical License/Credential checks
  • Facility/Clinic Inspections
  • Statutory Compliance Determination
  • Disciplinary histories and actions against physicians by professional board(s)
  • Provider/staff interviews
  • Recorded Statements, Affidavits and Certifications
  • Review of practice and business structure
  • Education, certifications, training, memberships & associations analysis
  • Background Check
  • “Cold Call” to Provider
  • Medical Record/Chart Review
  • Surveillance
  • Medical Records/Film Retrieval
  • Corporate Ownership
  • Case selection consult
  • Database scan
  • Medical Bill Re-Pricing and Audits, with legal defense provided

Using appropriate investigative tools and capitalizing on our experience, we:

  • Assess the staffing and equipment of a provider’s office
  • Verify licensure and professional credentials
  • View and check all diagnostic and therapeutic equipment utilized at each of provider’s offices
  • Inspect, copy and retrieve medical records as needed
  • Take recorded statements
  • Survey and photograph the provider’s premises and equipment and detail all business and clinical activity on site
  • Conduct asset searches
  • Provide peer/medical record reviews
  • Perform clinic inspections
  • Conduct clinic surveillance

Other Services

  • Regular provider checks: Licensure (State), Federal, DEA, Board Certification, etc.
  • Medical Bill Dispute Resolution
  • Customized Services as Required