Contact Medical Investigation Group, Inc. when suspicions of fraud exist in any of these clinical areas:

  • Telehealth Visits;
  • Virtual Check-ins;
  • E-visits;
  • Billing for telemedicine services;
  • Other questionable treatment-related telemedicine codes, claims or encounters.

As legitimate practices and providers reconfigure their business models, so are distressed and shady providers. The ease of telemedicine simplifies a scheme previously reliant on physical office space in which unscrupulous providers create the appearance of legitimacy while acting unlawfully. The whole-scale sanctioning of telemedicine creates an opportunity for these fraudsters and parasites to rapidly and greedily commit insurance fraud on a scale previously unimaginable – from personal injury to auto accidents to workers’ compensation claims.

Ultimately, the near universal adoption of telemedicine has made the claims process much more prone to fraud. Scammers and schemers, who previously just embellished and exaggerated medical claims are expanding their reach. With our healthcare system inundated with demand, bad actors who previously had no scruples about submitting wholly fabricated medical records and provider encounters, are simply adapting to the times and proceeding with fake and questionable claims for benefits, now under the telemedicine moniker.

Medical Investigation Group, Inc. employs tools and techniques to identify and expose telemedicine fraud that could be costing you thousands of dollars daily and millions annually.